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  • Glass Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Glass Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Exhibition Name: The 31st China International Glass Industry and Technology Exhibition Date of launch: May 06-09, 2021 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Exhibition cycle: once a year Type of exhibition: international exhibition Exhibition Description: China International Glass Industr...
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  • Glass Fair in German 2021 cancelled

    Glass Fair in German 2021 cancelled

      We regret to inform you that due to the current decision of the German Federal State Council to extend the nationwide blockade and the continuing increase of the infection situation, we have to cancel Glasstec, which has been postponed to June 15-18, 2021, .It will also prevent us from witnessi...
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  • Crazy Sea Freight

    Crazy Sea Freight

    Recently, the foreign trade export sea freight showed an extreme crazy rising mode, especially the South American airline is very hot, three times in a week.The position is difficult to find recently,   the price is rising constantly, summarize the reasons: 1- Since the outbreak of the epid...
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  • China Glass

    China Glass

    In January, at a crucial time in the preparations for the glass show, a global COVID-19 epidemic pushed pause buttons across industries, As the flagship exhibition of the global glass industry, China Glass Exhibition has decided to postpone the exhibition in order to ensure the health and safety ...
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  • China Glass Composite Index on September 7, 2020

    China Glass Composite Index on September 7, 2020

    On September 7, 2020, China glass Composite Index reached 1339.23 points, up 2.12 points from the previous month.China glass price index 1392.69 points, up 2.80 points month on month;China Glass confidence index 1125.37 points, up -0.60 points month-on-month.Since the weekend, the overall trend o...
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  • Glass industry information – the current price trend of China’s glass market

    Glass industry information – the current price trend of China’s glass market

    The global epidemic has not yet ended, and the domestic float glass spot market continues its upward trend. Although regional production and sales are slightly differentiated, the overall market remains positive. In recent years, the trend of the spot market has exceeded expectations. Manufacture...
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  • Improve the quality of tempered laminated glass

    Improve the quality of tempered laminated glass

        In the production of tempered laminated glass, there is always the problem of evenness, and it is also difficult to control the flatness quality when processing tempered silver mirrors. In order to completely ensure the quality of products and improve company’s product structure, Chin...
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  • Loading Container for Client

    Loading Container for Client

    The epidemic has no borders, we must work harder! Although the epidemic has brought an impact on all walks of life, all the staff of our company went against the trend and worked overtime. With one hand grasping epidemic prevention and one hand urging production, sales and production achieved a b...
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